schizophrenic man who killed Guinean researcher in 2019 sentenced to 9 years in prison

The criminal court of Seine-Maritime went below the requisitions of the general counsel, who had claimed in the morning 12 years of imprisonment against the aggressor.

A schizophrenic man was sentenced this Friday, September 16 to nine years in prison for fatal blows to a Guinean researcher in 2019 in Rouen and racist insults, while the defense had pleaded his criminal irresponsibility.

The Criminal Court of Seine-Maritime went below the requisitions of Advocate General Marion Meunier, who had demanded in the morning 12 years of imprisonment against this 32-year-old man, hospitalized in a unit for difficult patients (UMD) since his arrest .

«There is no auditory hallucination which appears in the file at the time of the facts and which would make it possible to move towards an abolition of discernment“, said Advocate General Marion Meunier during her indictment. For her, as for the court, the discernment of the accused, schizophrenic and under reinforced curatorship since 2013, was altered and not abolished, contrary to what the defense argued on July 19, 2019.

That day, in Canteleu, in the suburbs of Rouen, Mamoudou Barry, 31, a Guinean researcher, calmly got out of his car to try to understand the “racist slurs“That the accused had just uttered, explained the magistrate. According to the victim’s wife, the attacker then referred to the Senegal-Algeria final of the African Cup of Nations football which was being played that evening.

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This man out of care then had “hit hard» the academic: «including when the victim is on the ground» et «there are many racist insults uttered before and after the attack“, Continued the magistrate, qualifying the facts of”gratuitous aggression». Il «didn’t give the victim a chance“, hammered Ms. Meunier. Mamoudou Barry, father of a two-year-old child, died the following day from his injuries.

Alteration and abolition of discernment

Friday the accused, flanked by three nurses, remained as most often during this trial, with a blank stare. This man certainly hasmedication-related speech difficulties“but the Advocate General noted”the clarity of his memories». «At no time does he mention having lost his footing“, she insisted.

The defense, for its part, relied on a “hesitationof the psychiatrist between alteration and abolition of discernment to ask the court to declare him criminally irresponsible. “It is accepted that there was a hallucinatory experience in the course of lifeof the accused and “a delusional syndrome was observed a few days after his arrest», the argument is Me Herveline Demerville. Or «in July 2019 we know that there is no more care. It’s not unusual“, she estimated.

When the accused, who suffers from “paranoid schizophrenia», «is convinced of being insulted when it is not true, we can no longer consider that he has his free will“, continued the lawyer. For the defense, onlythe UMD can allow him medical care to stop his violent behavior. He cannot join a normal prison universe».

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SOS Racisme, which had filed a civil action alongside the victim’s family, Licra and Mrap, said it was satisfied with the verdict. “Nine years is still a relatively appropriate sentence, not to the facts which would merit a much greater sentence, but to the personality of the author. We can not omit that he is schizophrenic at a high level“, told AFP the lawyer of the association David Verdier. The violent aggression of Mamoudou Barry had provoked strong reactions in France and Guinea.

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