Scholz smashes expropriation plans before the Berlin election – and advertises for Giffey

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Created: 01/30/2023, 05:20 am

Von: Franziska Black


Repetition of the Berlin election: Franziska Giffey and Olaf Scholz at the start of the SPD election campaign © Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa

Chancellor Scholz has now got involved in the Berlin election campaign – with harsh criticism of the housing policy of the Greens and the Left.

Berlin – In the Berlin debate about the expropriation of large housing companies, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has sided with the Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey (both SPD) and at the same time got involved in the Berlin election campaign. “Expropriations do not create new apartments,” said Scholz daily mirror (January 28) to the coalition partners Greens and Left in Berlin.

They want to implement the nationalization of real estate in large corporations, as demanded by a referendum: “I think it’s irresponsible to spread the illusion that with a growing population and today’s completely different living conditions, it would be possible to meet the high demand without building new apartments ‘ Scholz said. Greens and leftists in Berlin have set themselves the goal of implementing the nationalization of real estate owned by large corporations, as demanded by a referendum.

Scholz promotes Giffey at the Berlin election: “Strong personality”

Scholz also calls for a change of heart in the construction industry. “Construction companies should be prepared to plan more apartments that are not designed to be rented for 18 euros per square meter or sold for more than 10,000 euros per square meter, but are aimed at the majority of citizens.” , said the Social Democrat. “Something went wrong in Germany for decades.” Scholz also renewed the previously unfulfilled promise of the traffic light coalition in the federal government to build 400,000 new apartments every year. The money for more social housing is available.

At the same time, Scholz campaigned for Giffey’s re-election as Berlin’s governing mayor. He certified that the city had “overtaken many other countries” and “recently achieved great economic growth”, although it was “challenged by the large increase in population”. “I trust a personality as strong as Franziska Giffey to master it,” said the Chancellor.

The state constitutional court in Berlin had declared the elections to the House of Representatives in September 2021 invalid due to numerous mishaps. Giffey currently controls the city with a coalition of SPD, Greens and Left. Giffey has been criticized for the New Year’s riot. A survey showed that the CDU could benefit from the repetition of the Berlin election. (dpa/frs)

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