Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Schoolchildren in Lutsk extended their winter holidays

General educational institutions of Lutsk will stay on vacation until January 20. Write about this "Facts".

So, it is reported that the school winter holidays, which were supposed to end on January 13, will last another week – until January 20 – due to the growing incidence of measles and ARVI in the region. In addition, this decision applies to some out-of-school educational institutions: the Palace of student youth, the Center for Scientific and Technical Youth, the Small Academy of Sciences.

It is noted that this decision was made at a meeting of the executive committee of the City Council on January 11, before that it was approved by the board of directors of local schools.

Also for the week, the winter holidays were extended in Chernihiv and Odessa.

Recall that the Ministry of Health recorded at the end of the year an increase in the incidence of measles.

We also wrote that in 10 days of 2019, 5 Ukrainians died from complications of the flu.

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