Schools – Freiburg im Breisgau – Outrage at “language bans”: supervision rejects criticism – education

Freiburg (dpa / lsw) – The punitive work for a third-grader who spoke Turkish to a friend during school break is not, according to the regional council of Freiburg, a case of discrimination. “The school and the school supervision regret that the offer of a personal conversation was not accepted by the parents and the obvious misunderstandings could not be resolved in this way,” said the authority on Thursday.

The Turkish community in Germany, the Federation of Turkish Parents ‘Associations in Germany and the Federation of Turkish Teachers’ Associations in Germany were outraged by the incident. The associations request an official apology from the student and her family. In a letter to the Conference of Ministers of Education and the primary school management, among other things, they asked the school to comment on the teacher’s approach.

According to the regional council, the requirement “We all speak the German language” is one of the class rules of the primary school, where 43 percent of the students have a migration background. The teacher acted on this basis when classmates complained that the girl was talking to another girl in Turkish. “The State School Authority of Donaueschingen will work with the school to intensify and improve communication with parenthood in this educational field,” said the authority.

The Turkish associations said: “Children have the right to speak their mother tongue (s). This must apply to French and English as well as to Turkish, Arabic or Polish. Instead of language bans, the recognition, appreciation and institutional should be used The focus is on promoting multilingualism and thus also the languages ​​of origin. ” The example from the Schwarzwald-Baar district shows that there is a discriminatory attitude towards Turkish. This endangers social peace.


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