Schools in Flanders to teach new subjects remotely this Monday

At the same time, Flemish Minister for Education Ben Weyts (N-VA) is drawing up a plan for the reopening of schools

OAs we know, the National Security Council has extended confinement in Belgium. Schools will therefore remain closed beyond the spring break for an additional two weeks (minimum). Faced with this unprecedented situation, the teachers will dispense new subjects online on Monday, says VRT.

We learn that “until now, students have mainly received work to do at home, in order to maintain their level. At the end of March, the Flemish government announced, however, that if the period of confinement were to be extended after the Easter holidays, the schools would have to resort to the “pre-teaching” (preteaching) method for new subjects. This decision was taken after consultation with the sector. “

The schools will make computer equipment available to students who do not have it, but the rules of hygiene and social distancing will be respected.

Weyts wants to prepare for reopening

At the same time, the Flemish Minister for Education, Ben Weyts (N-VA), is drawing up a plan for the reopening of schools and plans to extend the school year. A proposal that has raised many criticisms.

In an interview with the Sunday weekly De Zondag, he outlines the main lines of his proposal: reduction in the number of students per class, separate recess, shorter exam period, …

The minister reminds, however, that these are only guidelines, and that schools are autonomous and free to choose the measures they want.



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