Schrobenhausen: VG needs significantly more money

Chairman Alfred Lengler would like the citizens of the member communities to see the administrative community as a common town hall. He therefore also attaches great importance to a uniform appearance of the five member communities under the umbrella of the VG, as this new writing pad shows. In the meeting on Monday Lengler distributed the first freshly printed copies.



At the meeting of the VG assembly, which took place again on Monday evening in the conference building on the Bauer company premises due to compliance with the currently usual intervals, the budget for 2021 presented by treasurer Manfred Reim was quickly settled. The VG councils had no need for discussion and unanimously gave their blessing to the financial timetable for the current year. The significant increase in the VG surcharge to EUR 216.91 per inhabitant was not a big surprise either. Already in October of last year the VG had to draw up a supplementary budget after hiring ten new employees – against which, as VG chairman Alfred Lengler (CSU) announced on Monday, the district office had nothing to object to. At the end of 2020, however, it was still possible to largely offset the additional costs with the available funds; the allocation was only increased by 1.38 euros per inhabitant compared to the original budget plan.

The fact that the VG needs more money from its member communities this year is already shown by the budget volume, which increases from 2.37 million to 2.61 million euros. “The reason is in particular the personnel expenses,” said Kämmerer Reim, with this item alone the budget estimate is 318,000 euros higher than in the previous year. In contrast, less money than in 2020 is needed in the asset budget, i.e. in the section that deals with investments. In a purely administrative organization like the VG, investments are naturally less important than ongoing operations handled in the administrative budget (2021: 2.28 million euros). The fact that higher sums of money have been turned over here in the past two years has to do with the fact that VG has invested in its building on Herzoganger in Schrobenhausen and expanded the top floor.

This year the budget has a volume of 330,000 euros (two years ago it was more than 600,000 euros. This includes 61,000 euros for new software, a 44,000 euros installment for the purchase of the property on which the VG building is located stands, 66,000 euros for a fiber optic connection and 67,000 euros for the loan repayment.On the income side, there are also state subsidies, especially for the fiber optic connection and the digital town hall, which the VG is launching these days.

EDP ​​expenses can also be found in the administrative budget. 89,000 euros are available here for software maintenance. They are part of the administrative and operating expenses, which total 347,000 euros and thus make up 15 percent of the administrative budget. The rest, a good 1.9 million euros, is accounted for by personnel costs.

Since the VG can obtain the required financial requirements from the member communities by means of an allocation, it does not have to take out any new loans. The VG’s debts will fall this year by 67,000 to 434,000 euros and the reserve will also shrink, also by 67,000 euros to 78,000 euros at the end of 2021.SZ


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