Schumacher bought this Porsche in secret. Now it’s on sale

E if we told you that Michael Schumacher kept a Porsche Carrera GT for years when very few knew? It’s true and now this model is on sale through the Roock Sportsystem website.

In 2004, the Porsche was purchased after the German won his sixth of seven Formula 1 titles. His manager at the time, Willi Webber, used one of his companies to acquire the car, which later passed into the hands of Schumacher. Because? At the time, linked to Ferrari, the F1 world champion could only be seen driving cars that belonged to the Fiat group.

The Carrera GT, equipped with a naturally aspirated V10 block, arrived painted black, with some red accents, and was marked with Michael Schumacher’s initials, as you can see from the images above.

We are not sure how much of the 14,207 kilometers on the odometer were made by Schumacher, but we believe that there were still many, since it was in the possession of the former German driver until 2008.

The sale price is not available and is only revealed by consultation.

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