Schwarzwälder Versicherung brings sustainable personal liability insurance

February 26, 2020, 11:12 pm

Schwarzwälder Versicherung is gradually expanding its sustainability concept and is launching a new product as part of it: Green Fair Play Plus private liability – one of the few sustainable insurance products in Germany in this area. Sustainability fund in Schwarzwälder Versicherung brings sustainable personal liability insurance

The history of the Schwarzwälder Versicherung has its origins in the year 1758. The history and values ​​of the regionally oriented “mutual insurance association”, which has grown over the centuries, underline the philosophy of acting in a sustainable, long-lasting and future-oriented manner. This affects both daily work, such as the paperless office, and the values ​​as well as the products.

“Product offers with a sustainability factor are increasingly coming into focus and are increasingly being requested by customers, especially in the area of ​​liability and home insurance. We were one of the first insurance companies to set long-term climate protection goals and to integrate sustainability into the investment process, among other things, “explains Jens-Uwe Rohwer, CEO of Schwarzwälder Versicherung, and continues:” In the course of this development, we are expanding our product portfolio with private liability Green Fair Play . This is one of the few sustainable products in Germany in the insurance sector. “

Fair to the environment – with private liability Green Fair Play Plus

The new insurance includes generational claims settlement and reduces the impact by being climate-friendly. Saving greenhouse gases through offsetting in climate protection projects results in fair and generational claims settlement. Schwarzwälder Versicherung provides 1.5 cents for every euro of claims settlement for climate protection. This is done exclusively through climate protection projects that are certified with the “Gold Standard” quality label.

In addition, the company advocates repairs with additional services: If there is a total loss of damaged items, i.e. the repair costs exceed the insured current value, the Black Forest Insurance pays additional costs for repairs of up to 20 percent above the insured current value and much more at the request of the policyholder . The insurance company also offers a range of services for advice on damages in the interests of sustainability.

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“The circle of those interested in sustainable insurance concepts is growing all the time, because overall awareness of sustainability is increasing. For example, many consumers consciously pay attention to organic food or fair trade products when shopping and use green electricity. Many people are also already involved in social projects or associations. Sustainability plays a role in many areas of our life. As a result of these developments, we focus on sustainability and regionality and see growing sales opportunities for sustainable insurance products, ”explains Jens-Uwe Rohwer.

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