science calls ‘Bridgerton’ actor ‘most handsome man in the world’

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Out of 8 billion humans present on Earth, there is bound to be one who wins the prize with the most beautiful features. And it’s Regé-jean Page who owns it! The actor, revealed by the hit Netflix series The Bridgerton Chroniclewould be called a man ” the most beautiful in the world “ according to science.

Robert Pattinson dethroned

If Robert Pattison holding this honorable title, he is no more! Indeed, the most famous of vampires was recently dethroned by the new British actor in vogue: Regé-Jean Page. According to a mathematical equation created by plastic surgeon Julian De Silva, the face of the interpreter of the Duke of Hastings would be the one that comes closest to “perfection”. At least, until someone comes to take his place.

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On his Instagram account, Julian De Silva revealed the ranking of the most correctly proportioned personalities. To come to this result, the founder of the famous Center for Advanced Facial Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery in London based himself on the Phi “Golden Ratio of Beauty” scale. This is the same algorithm used by architects and artists in ancient Greece. It makes it possible to calculate the so-called “ideal” proportions of a face, in order to develop works of art in particular.

Bonus lips and gaze

The doctor then used this “Golden Ratio of Beauty” to measure the harmony of Regé-Jean Page’s face. According to his calculations, the symmetry of the actor’s facial features (gap between the eyes, length between the nose and the chin, etc.) would be almost perfect. Indeed, the potential next face of James Bond obtained the incredible score of 93.65% of natural beauty.

According to Julian Da Silva, the main assets of the 34-year-old actor are his eyes and his lips. “Regé won because of his classically beautiful face and gorgeous brown eyes”he hinted in an interview with Daily Mail. And to add: “he easily got the highest mark thanks to the spacing and positioning of his eyes”but also thanks to “her perfectly formed lips”.

On the side of the female personalities, it is the actress Jodie Comer (The White Princess) who takes the place of Amber Heard, obtaining a score of 94.52% of natural beauty, on the scale of the Greeks.

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