Experts explained what is the difference between age-related forgetfulness and senile marasmus, which began to develop. If you miss the first signs of dementia – it can develop within three to five years.

Scientists in the course of recent research came to an unexpected conclusion. It turns out that the approach of senile dementia can be easily recognized.
The development of dementia leads to a decrease in intelligence. The consequence of this is the complete zeroing of the previous skills. Thus, a person, as it were, becomes a defenseless and helpless infant.
Cases of the embryo poses are not uncommon. At the same time, neither paralysis nor muscular disorders were recorded.
The approach of disturbances in memory is marked by apathy and disturbances in the daily cycle. Older people begin to confuse day and night.
Often they start accusing others of trying to do evil. For example, stealing money or trying to poison. Then orientation is lost even in places that were previously familiar.
Most often this is observed in those whose age exceeds 60 years. However, scientists note a bleak trend. The disease begins to rapidly become younger.
If now on the planet 47 million people suffer from dementia, then in 30 years their number is expected to increase to 130 million.
Dementia is considered not curable. But its approach can be postponed.

It is necessary to take the brain load. Whether it will be modeling clay, drawing or building sand castles is not important. You can simply lay out the buttons on their size. This will support the ability to abstraction and reasoning.
Well helps learning languages ​​and new technology.


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