Scientists discover light from the first stars formed billions of years ago in the universe

Before the beginning of space and time, there was nothing. Then, 13.8 billion years ago, a big bang happened and space-time came into being. However, after an initial flash of lightning, the universe entered cosmic darkness. According to a study published on June 14, light returned to the cosmos after 250 to 350 million years of the Big Bang. It was the age of cosmic dawn when the first stars formed, bringing starlight into the dark universe. Interestingly, we can still see the initial starlight from the Cosmic Dawn that has been traveling to us for billions of years, if we look far enough. How is it possible?

Astronomy is history and a telescope in a time machine – it’s a phrase an astronomer can often hear spoken. So when we look at distant objects in space using our powerful telescopes, we are actually looking at the light that was released long before it reached our telescope, thanks to the limited speed of light. – 3,000,000 kilometers per second. Using this special tool we can look at the father objects to look further back in time. For example, if we want to go back a million years, we have to look at the light coming from an object that is a million light years away from us. The only challenge is that the light from more distant places gets weaker.

This is the reason why the images we have of the most distant earliest galaxies, seen through the Hubble Space Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope, are faint and only represent a few pixels on scientists’ computer screens. Now, scientists expect that a new, more powerful NASA James Webb Space Telescope, to be launched this year, will give us a clearer view of early galaxies and bring us back further into the world. time. The telescope will help scientists discover and learn more about the Cosmic Dawn, which was Richard Ellis’ lifelong work.

“Because we ourselves are the product of stellar evolution, we are going back to our own origin,” Ellis told BBC News.

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