Scientists have created a cure for alcoholism from cactus

Scientists have created a cure for alcoholism from cactus

Petersburg specialists presented their new development – a drug created from cactus juice, which, when used, can repel cravings for alcohol for 12 hours.

On the assurances of scientists from St. Petersburg, the secret of their innovative drug is that the extract of cactus juice helps lower the level of ghrelin in the circulatory system of man. This hormone is produced in the human body during alcohol withdrawal, as well as during hunger. The discovery was made by representatives of the St. Petersburg Institute of Experimental Medicine, and the analogue of this drug was detected in the juice of cactus. Experts have noticed that with the help of this drug people suffering from strong alcohol dependence can become on the path of a healthy lifestyle without alcohol.
Petersburg experts noticed that this drug is quite affordable because of the prevalence of its main component, so a large number of people can with it help cope with alcohol dependence.
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