Scientists have created a medicine that protects from premature death


10:09 16 April 2018


Cincinnati, Ohio, on April 16th. Researchers from the United States were able to create a drug that can seriously help people with heart disease and even protect against premature death of children with heart muscle defects.

Physicians from the Children’s Cardiology Institute synthesized the protein pUR4, which blocks the action of fibronectin, a protein that helps the body repair connective tissue in muscles after trauma. The fact is that with infarcts – which are heart muscle tears – fibronectin has a negative effect, replacing the muscle cells of the heart with connective tissue, according to Medical XPress.

Tests in mice showed that the control group receiving the new remedy did not develop tissue fibrosis after artificially induced infarction and did not violate myocardial function. In the future, experts propose to conduct additional experiments on larger animals.

Previously reported that people-“owls” are more likely to premature death due to heart attacks and other diseases.

                             Valentin Melikov


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