Canadian scientists from the University of Montreal conducted a large-scale study, during which they found out that night work poses a mortal danger for women, as it increases the risk of developing breast cancer.
As reported by MedicalXpress, the study involved 13 thousand women from different countries. Of these, 6.1 thousand were diagnosed with breast cancer. Scientists found that the likelihood of developing breast cancer increases in proportion to the number of night hours spent on work. For example, if a woman works three hours after midnight, the risk increases by 12%. Night shift at 10 hours increases the figure to 80%.
This conclusion was reached by scientists from the University of Montreal, conducting a large-scale study, which involved 13 thousand women living in five different countries – Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain and France. And 6100 of them have already been diagnosed oncology, and the remaining 7 thousand women had no disease.
The average age of participants in the study ranged from 55 to 59 years, the proportion of people working at night – from 6% in Germany to 17% in Australia. In Canada, this figure was 16.7%.
Among other things, scientists conducted a survey among the participants of the experiment in order to more accurately determine the factors that affect the development of cancer. It was found that the risk of developing tumors associated with estrogen receptors (ER-positive breast cancer) depends on the number of hours worked on the night shift: the more of them, the higher the risk of getting a tumor. It also matters how many years a woman worked at night.
For example, a 10-hour work shift, which was performed by participants in the study three times a week, increased the risk of the disease by 80%. At the same time, the risk persisted for another two years after the change in the work schedule.


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