The new drug is able to penetrate harmful bacteria even under the outer membrane of the cell.
Scientists from Genentech do not state loudly that the discovery of a new type of protein capable of blocking signaling processes in the category of gram-negative bacteria will fundamentally change medicine. However, such developments are rare.
As is known, bacteria are of two kinds according to Gram – gram-positive and gram-negative. Gram-negative have an external membrane, which prevents the penetration of antibodies inward – because of this they are much more resistant to exposure than Gram-positive.
Superantibiotics specialize in a class of molecules called arylomycins. They have long been destroying gram-positive bacteria, such as Staphylococcus species. They simply block the enzyme, which cuts the proteins in the signal process through the membrane of bacteria, but the problem is that this enzyme sits in a hard-to-reach place under the outer membrane of the negatives.
The new modified molecule G0775, developed by bacteriologists, is much more effective than arylomycin, since it can penetrate the outer membrane. The drug has already been tested on some diseases, which are no longer affected by conventional antibiotics, but in the future, scientists plan to continue research and also develop a new class of antibiotics for other diseases.
Scientists every year surprise more and more, because they are trying to invent drugs of this class, so that it could be cured of any kind of disease. However, while some diseases remain a secret for researchers, but they are sure that very soon they will be able to defeat them.


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