Scientists have discovered 80 associated with depression genes


Employees of the Center for Clinical Sciences on the brain of Edinburgh in Scotland found about 80 genes, possibly associated with depression. If this conclusion is confirmed by further research, scientists will disclose the reason for such a significant difference in the likelihood of developing mental illness in people with similar stressful situations, and create an effective medicine to overcome this disorder of the nervous system. Scottish specialists studied the database of the British research resource Biobank, consisting of information about the state of health and genetic information about 500 thousand people. Scientists tested the genetic code of more than half of these patients to identify areas of DNA that could be associated with the development of depression. According to the co-author of the scientific work of Andrew McIntosh, depression or depression of mental state is observed among millions of people living in economically developed states and in the most poor countries. Often when referring to a medical specialist it turns out that the patient has already developed a severe form of depression. Against the background of the above, the new results of Scottish experts are especially important for modern medicine, as they can help to uncover the true causes of such a state and create effective methods of combating it. “Thanks to the research, we identified about 80 genes, which in all likelihood provoke the development of depression. If so, then this pathology should be attributed to partially genetic diseases, which will require a completely different approach to its cure, “said David Howard, a researcher at the above center. Previously, scientists said that chaos helps to cope with mental disorders, and phenomenal memory fraught with depression.


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