Scientists have discovered an underwater coral skyscraper taller than the Empire State Building (Video)

PHOTO: Pixabay

U.S. and Australian scientists have discovered a coral skyscraper near the Great Barrier Reef that is 500 meters high – more than the Empire State Building (443 meters), the Daily Mail reported.

The pointed coral giant is off the coast of Cape York. Scientists mapped it on October 20. It is the first to be discovered in about 120 years, BTA reports.

The reef is higher than both the Eiffel Tower (324 m) and its London Chard (310 m). It developed separately from the larger and plateau-like mass of coral reefs west of it. It is basically 1.5 km wide.

Scientists working on the research ship Falkor are on a 12-month expedition to explore the ocean around Australia. Five days after discovering the high reef, they sent the robotic submarine SuBastian to explore it.

“We are surprised and excited about the discovery,” said Dr. Robin Beanman of James Cook University in Queensland.

Recently, up to 80 percent of corals in the Great Barrier Reef have fallen victim to bleaching.



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