Весявили неожиданное сходство между детьми и шимпанзе

Young children used the same gestures as chimpanzeesScientists at the University of St. Andrews found that children aged one to two use Gesture 52, of which more than 95% use chimpanzees with the gorillas. The paper was published in the scientific journal Animal Cognition, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to Aspects

The researchers spent more than 20 years studying the communication of apes. For the first time, they turned to studying non-verbal communication children and were surprised at how much in common was found.

Chimpanzees observed in their natural habitat in Uganda, with children in institutions and the home environment. The scientists also used the data on the gestures of the gorillas obtained during one of the earlier studies.

Scientists have identified 52 gestures in children. It turned out that chimpanzees use 46 of them (89%) along with gorillas – 50 gestures (96%).

For example, young chimpanzees and children to convey various messages clap, stomp, hug and shake their heads. Coincidences show that these innate gestures were inherited by a common ancestor 5-6 million years ago.

As far as the differences are concerned, young children are more likely to use pointer gestures. In addition, only children tend to wave their hands to say hello or goodbye.

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