Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Scientists have figured out how to protect against Alzheimer's

American scientists from Vagelos Columbia University and the Taub Institute concluded, that thanks to exercise the body produces a hormone, which improves memory and protects against Alzheimer's disease, writes "Russian newspaper" with reference to Medicalxpress.

Previously, experts have discovered the hormone irisin, which is released into the circulation during physical activity. According to initial research, this hormone, basically, involved in energy exchange. New scientists achievement showed, that irisin can also promote the growth of neurons in the hippocampus (parts of the limbic system of the brain).

This conclusion, the researchers did after the experiment on mice. It revealed, that swimming is most effective for preventing Alzheimer's disease.

MD Ottavio Arancio, noted, that irisin can be used to search for new therapy to prevent or treat dementia.

Recall, earlier scientists at washington university in saint louis established, what if a person sleeps little, it may cause Alzheimer's disease – severe dementia, leading to death due to loss of movement and exhaustion.


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