Scientists have found in tobacco useful properties


This refers to the decorative type of plant, which, as it turned out, can fight a number of infectious diseases. Information about this appeared in the medical publication MedicalExpress.

Decorative tobacco contains a special protein that can be used to influence the infection. These are diseases that cause staphylococcus aureus, encephalitis viruses and HIV. As it turned out, NaD1 peptide destroys the outer layer of fungal cells, which is a natural causative agent of a number of dangerous diseases in people with weakened immunity.
As a result, it actually destroys the harmful fungus, which can become resistant to antibiotics. The authors of the study also note that infections are one of the key health problems.
Approximately one in eight of the patients suffering from this dies precisely for this reason. At the same time, bacteria resistant to antibiotics are spreading more and more, which is why mortality for this reason will significantly increase in the next 30 years.
Nikolay Ofitserov


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