Scientists have found out how to drink beer correctly

Scientists have found out how to drink beer correctly

Professor William Lee of the British University of Huddersfield looked attentively at the full glass of beer and realized that the beer mug had the wrong design and architectonics for the drink, which can quench and generate foam simultaneously. His observations and subsequent experiments, the scientist published first in a university newspaper, and then in a scientific bulletin.
It turns out that the most suitable form for a beer is a container with a thick bottom or a foot remotely similar to a martini glass or a glass for complex cocktails. The edges of the glass should taper in proportion to the distance from the edge to the bottom. With this configuration of the vessel, the beer foam will settle evenly on the side walls, and the air bubbles will gravitate down to the thick glass bottom or the stem of the glass. However, the most rational glass of William Lee has yet to be produced. The professor set himself the task of developing such a vessel for beer, which would not leave beer foam on the surface. Sergey Denisov

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