Scientists have identified 124 genes that determine hair color


Scientists have identified 124 new genetic loci responsible for hair color in Europeans, a combination of which gives grounds to assume a shade of hair from their owner.

An international team of scientists conducted a study in which about 300,000 participants of European descent were examined by meta-analysis and identified 124 genetic loci associated with hair color, of which 111 were not previously known. This made it possible to conclude that polymorphisms in the regulator genes, rather than in genes directly related to pigmentation, have the greatest effect on hair pigmentation.
The hair color is associated with the sex. So, women are more characteristic of light shades, for men, on the contrary, darker colors.
It is worth noting that, based on the research, scientists have compiled a mathematical model that accurately predicts the black and red color of human hair.
This discovery sheds light on the understanding of the genetic complexity underlying the changes in human pigmentation, and can advance knowledge of the conditions associated with it. New findings are also relevant for the jurisprudence.


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