In Dallas, at a meeting of the American Heart Association, doctors recommended quitting smoking no later than in 40-45 years, since, according to the latest study, the cardiovascular system comes in order only about 15 years after quitting tobacco.


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 – We have shown that after five years after giving up tobacco, health is significantly improved. The risk of getting a heart attack, stroke, and other heart problems falls by about 38%. On the other hand, our study shows that these chances remain above the norm for at least 16 years. Therefore, we must quit smoking right now, ”said Meredith Duncan of Vanderbilt University in Nashville (USA).

She recalled that smoking-related diseases are one of the main causes of premature death in old age. According to CDC statistics, about 6 million people die from tobacco and second-hand smoking every year in the world, and every two out of three smokers usually die for reasons related to tobacco abuse.

Doctors have already established that tobacco and nicotine negatively affect not only the lungs. A year ago, biologists proved that tobacco smoke accelerates the aging of all organs of the body. And earlier it was confirmed that smoking contributes to the development of deafness and irreversibly changes the structure of the walls of blood vessels, making them more brittle.

In the long-term study of Duncan and her colleagues, nearly nine thousand young people participated, their age at the time of the beginning of the observations was 27 years old. None of them at the beginning of the experiment did not suffer from chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels, and also had no problems with the lungs and tuberculosis. In addition, they were in good physical and psychological form.

After 16 years of research, doctors have concluded that youth and good health do not guarantee protection from the effects of smoking. For example, the vast majority of heart attacks and strokes – about 70% – occurred among former and current smokers who consumed about a pack of cigarettes a day for over 20 years.

It also turned out that the more observant participants smoked, the more often they developed problems with the work of the lungs and the cardiovascular system. And the cessation of tobacco strongly influenced health only at the beginning, with time the rate of return of all indicators to normal significantly decreased. Even after 16 years, the body has not fully recovered.

This suggests that smokers, if they decided to take such a step, should abandon cigarettes as quickly as possible to maximize the life. And if you get rid of the bad habit after 45 years, then the human body is unlikely to recover.



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