Scientists have moved the clock of the last judgment. There isn’t much time left

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After a long time, the hands moved again due to the nuclear threat. The scientists explicitly mentioned Russian aggression and increasing the risk of resorting to the desperate step of using nuclear weapons. Due to the conflict in Ukraine, the scientists issued statements in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

However, the risk of conflict, according to them, also lies in the potential conflict between China and the US and the fact that North Korea fired more missiles last year than in previous years.

Other problems are associated with the fading covid pandemic. Scientists warn of the danger of zoonoses (infections transmissible between animals and humans) as well as constantly developing programs in laboratories, and thus the ever-higher risk of leaking potentially deadly biological or chemical material.

The end of the world is near again, scientists report

Science and schools

Originally the clock was intended to symbolically warn of nuclear danger, but now its administrators, the editors of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, warn of all threats that have the potential to destroy humanity.

The editors of the professional magazine meet twice a year for hours and assess the danger from the point of view of a number of factors – politics, energy, weapons, diplomacy, climate change, nuclear threats, the possibility of a bioterrorist attack or the level of artificial intelligence technologies.

Since 1947, the hands of the clock have moved forward a total of 25 times, most recently in 2020 to 100 seconds before twelve, where they remained throughout last year. The furthest humanity could go from destruction was at the end of the Cold War. In 1991, the hands moved to 17 minutes before twelve.

Doomsday Clock: There are still 100 seconds left


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