In life, each of us more than once did not feel what stress is. Such a feeling has a great impact on our health, and not at all beneficial, and the quality of life is sharply deteriorating
Change of weather, autumn mood, family troubles, problems at work often affect a person's mental state.
According to the American Institute of Stress, 75 to 90 percent of all diseases occur due to stress. It is because of them most often there are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Stress also worsens the heart and leads to a heart attack.

As doctors say, the emergence of stress largely depends on the monotony of the lifestyle. For example, a job where one day looks like another, for several months in a row. And even for several years in a row … The clerk came to the office – messing around with the papers. Or the teacher: came to school – several lessons of 45 minutes with students who do not understand the subject, and in the evening – preparation for new lessons …
However, in the opinion of physicians, one should arrange for himself small meditations during breaks.
However, there are a few simple tips for everyone.
If a person has a sedentary job, then at the end of the day, he needs to take a walk in the fresh air for stress relief. Better it will be either a park or a street with beautiful buildings, so that eyes can contemplate pleasant views – it subconsciously affects the nervous system. And those who have a physical job, of course, it is better to rest in a sitting position, to see a film or again meditate.

By the way, stress leads to obesity: how to stop being nervous and start losing weight. When a person sees that he has gained extra pounds and wants to lose them, he goes on a diet – sometimes this decision turns out to be erroneous.
Stress is one of the important stimuli affecting the appearance of fat deposits on the human body. You can eat right, but if you get into a stressful whirlpool, you will quickly gain extra pounds. Weight gain is not the only negative consequence of stress. Its effects on the body cover different aspects.
Because of stress, overweight and obesity appear, blood sugar is disturbed and diabetes occurs.
Immunity falls, in connection with which comes insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome or even depression – a disease whose seriousness can never be neglected. Stress provokes a malfunction in the thyroid gland and even reproductive function. Also, the risk of cardiovascular disease is increasing.

Earlier it was reported that what products can be safely seized by stress. What are the good foods for people who are experiencing strong emotional stress? Thanks to a special composition, they help to relieve stress and reduce the level of stress in the body.
In principle, a balanced diet and moderately healthy lifestyle should by itself exclude such situations in 90% of cases, but if stress is pinned to the wall, then it is better to nevertheless lean on the following products.
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