Scientists listed factors that increase blood pressure


People need to go in for sports and lead an active lifestyle. This is reported by the portal According to doctors, the occurrence of heart disease can lead to the use of anti-edema drugs. Scientists believe that, if possible, it is best to completely reject these medications. Those who need these medicines should carefully read the instructions and do not exceed the dose. People with hypertension can not eat much salt. Specialists from the American Association for the Study of Heart Disease concluded that hypertension from salt should be abandoned altogether. If this is not possible, then you need to reduce its consumption to 1500 milligrams per day. Affects the increase in blood pressure and alcohol. Doctors indicate that alcohol consumption should be limited to two glasses a day for men and one for women. Patients with hypertension are not allowed to visit the sauna. A sharp contrast between high temperature and cold water can harm the health of hypertension. Patients suffering from high blood pressure need to play sports and lead an active lifestyle. They need to closely monitor their weight. People with inactive work should always walk in the evenings, doctors warn.


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