Scientists managed to find a cure for nicotine addiction


The scientists managed to find a cure for nicotine addiction. So, according to experts from the United States of America, nicotine patches and chewing gum, vipers, candies and everything else that is now on the market, do not help to cope with the main problem – the thirst for nicotine. American scientists say that in the course of numerous studies they managed to make a medicine that quickly undoubtedly will help to quit smoking. According to experts, metformin is a drug for medicinal purposes, it is used for patients who have problems with high content of sugar in the blood. In a study in rats, animals were exposed to nicotine for two weeks, and metformin was given afterwards. And, scientists came to the conclusion that all subjects had no withdrawal syndrome. According to scientists, this is most likely due to the ability of metformin to activate the enzyme, which is suppressed during quitting. At the same time, when taking metformin for quitting, there are no different symptoms, for example, increased appetite, etc.


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