Scientists named the most useful vegetable for weight loss


A group of scientists from the United States identified one of the most useful vegetables, which helps to lose superfluous kilograms in fast terms. In this case, this vegetable is completely harmless to the body, but on the contrary, it has a lot of useful microelements.

Experts consider the vegetable Karela, which is also called a momordica or Chinese bitter gourd, the most nutritious vegetable among all the others. Karel has a bitter taste, which is the main reason that most people stay away from this nutritious vegetable. Chinese bitter gourd is a source of dietary fiber, which contributes to rapid weight loss.
Karel also helps in the treatment of diabetes. Because the vegetable maintains the level of insulin in the blood. Drink from Chinese pumpkin helps in the process of insulin regulation. Insulin is a hormone that controls the level of sugar in the body. Karelian juice helps the sugar not to turn into fat and eventually it leads to weight loss.


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