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Scientists reverse 3D models of the face using information stored in the brain. – RT World News

In breakthrough research that could revolutionize testimony, scientists in Scotland have claimed to have successfully constructed 3D facial models based on information from the brain of individuals reminiscent of a familiar face.

The work of neuroscientists from the University of Glasgow was published on Monday in the journal Nature Human Behavior. Your findings will be "Foundation for a better understanding of the brain mechanisms of facial identification" According to the team, and could have a future in AI and gaming technology, as well as eyewitness statements.

The team of 14 scientists initially tested the theory by identifying specific facial information to identify four more colleagues from memory. The researchers then had volunteers compare faces that were either of the same age, gender, or ethnicity, but different in face identity.

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Finally, the team could "Crack the code" of what defines visual identity and generates it with a computer program. In many experiments, the group eventually developed a method for reconstructing information from a person's brain to restore a specific identity from memory.

The main hurdle of this scientific breakthrough was to understand the information people put into their memory to identify a particular face. "However, we have developed a tool that we can do just thatSaid Philippe Schyns, professor of visual cognition at the Department of Neuroscience and Psychology.

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Schyns explained that the team could graphically display the information byReverse engineering of information that identifies a person's identity and subsequent mathematical representation."

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