Scientists: Soon there is a cure for the disease of Stephen Hawking


Scientists from all over the world gathered in Moscow to discuss Hawking’s disease and the methods of its treatment. Soon, a remedy for amyotrophic sclerosis can be created.

Scientist Jezus Mora, who specializes in various diseases, said that they will soon find a way to defeat ALS (amyotrophic sclerosis). Most likely, it will be not one tablet, but a complex of treatment, which should stop or slow down the course of the disease. Mora said that they are already testing a new drug for patients with this ailment. At first it was tested on animals, and when the experiment was successful, we switched to experiments on humans.
The famous Hawking suffered from illness from 22 years old and lived to be 76 years old, to which scientists are still surprised. The greatest scientist was married twice and started several children, and also studied scientific activity until his death.
In addition, two years ago, the popularity was scored by the Ice Bucket Challenge, during which people poured ice water and sent money for the investigation of the ailment. During the action, many of the celebrities donated large sums. Including actors Vin Diesel and Ewan McGregor, US Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and others.


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