Scientists Successfully Create Outer Space Perfume That Makes Public Opinions Differ


Marina Barcenilla plans to create 24 scents inspired by outer space. Photo/Interesting Engineering.

JAKARTA – Marina Barcenilla, a research doctor in astrobiology from the University of Westminster and also a perfume maker recently released a new perfume that is quite interesting, namely Aromatom. The perfume, which consists of four scents, according to him, was made from the experience of astronauts while in space.

The four represent the scent of outer space that has been felt by astronauts. “When I study astrochemistry, as a perfumer, I always think, what does outer space smell like?,” asks Marina Barcenilla, who has worked in the perfume industry for nearly 30 years.

From that curiosity he was then interested in exploring the smell of outer space. He then conducted research on the experiences of astronauts who had flown into space. Starting from those who work on the International Space Station or the International Space Station (ISS) to astronauts who take part in the Apollo missions from NASA.

One of the astronauts he studied the most was the experience of Donald Pettit, a NASA astronaut who worked on the ISS. In his personal account, Donald Pettit also once told the smell of outer space.

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“Quite a lot of them say they smell like charred meat or burning rubber, or welding fumes,” said Marina Barcenilla.

Donald Pettit himself mentioned Interesting Engineering said the smell of space was like sweet welding smoke. Marina Barcenilla herself admits that she will not stop producing space scent perfume. Currently, he has only produced 4 perfumes out of a total of 24 that he has planned.

“Aromatom has a total of 24 odors. I plan to create a whole journey that starts from Earth to the center of the Milky Way,” explains Marina Barcenilla.

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