Scientists told how to lose weight fast and extend a life

Scientists told how to lose weight fast and extend
 a life

Dutch researchers conducted a study and realized that a more effective means of prolonging youth and getting rid of excess kilograms is not physical activity, but a balanced diet.
Experts recommend people from an early age to monitor their diet. It is necessary to get rid of fatty fast food, count the number of calories consumed and compare them with energy consumption. To maintain a normal weight, a person should eat as much as necessary for the body in order to perform a certain amount of work. Experts conducted experiments on mice. They divided the rodents into groups, some were fed fatty foods, others were lean, the third was put in a wheel and forced to move. According to scientists, the most effective way to lose weight and prolong life is low-calorie food, in second place is sport. The main role in this is played by microglia – cells of the immune system. They absorb foreign agents, and in the presence of obesity and lack of physical activity, these particles are destroyed. Dombrovsky Sergey

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