Scientists warned of an early incurable epidemic

Scientists warned of an early incurable epidemic

Fungi become not susceptible to treatment

The disease can become not susceptible to antibiotics

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Soon, the epidemic that destroys plants, animals and humans can spread in the world. It will be caused by a fungus that does not respond to treatment. To this conclusion came the scientists from Imperial College London , the British Exeter University and the Swiss University of Lausanne.
According to the results of the study of specialists, over time, infection can develop resistance to antifungal drugs, which are often abused in medicine and agriculture. According to experts, medicines destroy only weak forms of fungi, and strong not only survive, but continue to evolve.
“This will turn the fungus into something like” super bacteria “, which does not respond to antibiotics,” the newspaper quotes the statement News “.
At the same time, researchers note that the threat of the fungus is underestimated. Already today, this disease worldwide kills up to 20% of the crop, and the global death rate from it already exceeds the death rate from malaria or breast cancer, the website of the TV channel ” Star “.

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