Experts talked about warning signs of brain cancer. The main symptom to which attention should be paid is headache. The person feels it immediately after waking up, then the pain subsides during the day, but does not disappear completely. This symptom is accompanied by general weakness and loss of concentration, vision problems that appear when changing positions.

If the pain is very strong, you should consult a doctor, as this indicates bleeding in the brain. Note that the initial visit to the doctor may not indicate a cancer process, but if the symptoms recur, you need to be re-examined because the tumors grow with different by speed. Also, the appearance of nausea, reaching to vomiting may indicate that malignant tumors interfere with the internal circulation of cerebral fluid. Seizures, cognitive impairment, occurring with memory loss, hearing loss and performance, are equally important factors. In addition, scientists warn – cancer can appear at any age and remain undiagnosed for a long time. Experts also remind that the faster the treatment begins, the greater the chances of prolonging life.

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