Scoopy Ketar-ketir, Fazzio Will Take His Brother to Indonesia, Retro Scooter Too? – It’s rumored that Yamaha Fazzio will have a friend in Indonesia, his name is mentioned as Grande and can make Scoopy nervous.

Yamaha Grande is a motorcycle that is believed to have circulated photos used for road tests by Yamaha Indonesia in the country.

It is possible that the Grande is the same motorcycle, because from the shape and appearance it looks identical but now it is clearly displayed.

Comes with the name Yamaha Grande, this new motorcycle was released first in Vietnam.

For your information, the old generation of Yamaha Grande has actually been circulating in the country since 2014.

Carrying the concept of “Shining timeless beauty”, now the newest generation comes fresher with all the updates.


27 liter Yamaha Grande seat luggage display

However, in appearance, it appears that the latest Yamaha Grande still relies on a mix of classic and modern elements.

The body design itself is typical of a retro scooter style filled with rounded curves so that it looks elegant.

Starting from the front, you can see a diamond-shaped LED headlamp on the handlebars and a horizontal LED strip in the center of the body flanked by turn signals.