Scorn, the grotesque biomechanical horror game, postpones its release on Xbox and PC until 2022

Scorn has again delayed its release. The first-person horror game inspired by the work of HR Giger, creator of Alien, and developed by EBB Software will not be released in 2021, as planned, but will coming to Xbox Series X and PC sometime in 2022. The exact release date has not been confirmed because in fact it was not the studio who announced this move, but the new publisher Kepler Interactive, an independent label that was launched yesterday.

Kepler Interactive is a new publisher managed by the development studios themselves. Among them are EBB Software, responsible for Scorn, but also other names known as Sloclap, creators of Absolve and the expected Sifu, or Awaceb, responsible for the adorable Tchia. In the statement published by this new firm, a text announcing its existence, mentions Scorn as one of the games coming next year.

When it arrives it will be optimized for Xbox Series X / S

The information we had until now it dated the premiere of Scorn for some indeterminate point in 2021. At least that’s how it was mentioned in the last trailer gameplay that was shown of the game running at 4K on Xbox Series X / S, a new generation console in which it will not only be exclusive, but will also be optimized with a resolution of up to 2160p running at 60 fps, although at the moment it has not been confirmed if it will have ray-tracing or not, something that remains to be seen depending on whether it affects the performance of the game.

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Although this project was announced in 2014, the game directed by Ljubomir Peklar rose to fame thanks to his appearance at the Xbox Series X launch event, a broadcast that showed the games that would arrive at the launch of the next generation console, as well as others that will go on sale at a time. window close to its release on the market, although in the end it does not seem that it will be the case of Scorn.