Scotiabank Colpatria issued subordinated bonds for $ 224.7 billion

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The bank explained that the money will be used to expand the sources of resources available for the development of credit operations.

Scotiabank Colpatria Announced that, through a private offer, it made an issue of subordinated bonds for $ 224.7 billion over a 10-year term, an amount that reinforces the bank’s capital structure.

The company argued that the money obtained through the issuance of subordinated bonds will be used to expand the sources of resources available for the development of active credit operations and for the advancement of other activities within the corporate purpose of Scotiabank, having a better ratio of terms between assets and liabilities, in order to obtain less volatility of debts.

Jaime Alberto Upegui, president of Scotiabank Colpatria assured that this operation “is a clear manifestation of the trust that investors place in the bank, which in turn will strengthen their wealth and thereby generate greater liquidity in the medium and long term.”

It should be noted that these instruments will be included in the technical equity of Scotiabank Colpatria, after obtaining the respective authorization, which allows the entity to increase its solvency indicator and strengthen its capital, thereby generating greater benefits for its current and future clients.


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