Scotland announces referendum for independence

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeonset a date for the referendum on independence: October 19, 2023. Sturgeon’s decision coincides with a moment of great weakness in the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Scottish independence was rejected in the 2014 referendum. That act was authorized by Prime Minister David Cameron, the father of Brexit. That hardly happens now. Johnson fears that a victory by the Scottish nationalists will become the first chapter in the dismemberment of the United Kingdom.

Scotland wants a second independence referendum

After Scotland it would be North Irelandwhich could join Ireland to become a European country and end the British colonial status quo. One question remains: the power of the Scottish Parliament to pass the necessary legislation to hold the vote without the permission of the British government.

The legality of the referendum forces Sturgeon to address the Supreme Court to know your opinion. In the event that the highest court does not give its approval, Sturgeon has said that the next general election in the United Kingdom will become a kind of “de facto referendum”.


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