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Scots Jobs Hammerblow as a French tire company confirms that the plant in Dundee will be closed

HUNDREDS of Scots jobs are in jeopardy after French tire maker Michelin confirmed the closure of its Dundee plant by mid-2020.

Workers and union leaders say they have been "devastated" by the surprise development at Michelin Dundee, which currently has 850 people.

For Tuesday morning, a staff meeting is planned.

It only takes a few weeks after the French production giant was warned about the risk of cheap imports, which could affect jobs.

And it comes one year after Scottish Enterprise has provided GBP 4.5 million of public funding to the new production machinery plant, in addition to the GBP 12 million investment by the Michelin group Demand for larger tires to support.

The company said: "Despite the Group's continued efforts and the commitment of factory staff to make the site economically viable through the implementation of several action plans, € 70 million (£ 61 million) has been invested in modernizing the site in recent years. the accelerated The market transformation has made the plant inappropriate, and their conversion is not financially feasible.

"Against this backdrop, the Michelin Group had to announce its staff closure of the Dundee factory by mid-2020.

"The priority now is to support the factory's 845 employees as effectively as possible so that they can face the consequences of this difficult decision."

The move shocked Unite's local union leaders, who were unaware of the circumstances and thought they were making progress on the talks about the plant.


A union representative said, "We had a meeting with shop stewards to discuss the future of the plant.

"We would be devastated if that's right, especially because of the fantastic relationship we've always had with local management."

Michelin warned last month that jobs in Dundee might be lost in the face of "extremely difficult trading conditions".

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The Michelin plant on Baldovie Road specializes in smaller size tires.

The company had forecast that production would fall from 6.2 million tires in 2017 to a maximum of 5.4 million a year in the next three years, and the influx of low-cost tires from Asia and declining demand for smaller premium tires be made.

Unite's Scottish secretary Pat Rafferty said: "Unite was aware of the difficult market situation of the Michelin Group.

Herald Scotland: Pat Rafferty is the Scottish secretary of Unite

"If the media reports are confirmed by Michelin, it is a blow to Dundee, it would be devastating and a betrayal of the workforce that has radically changed the work practices at the site to secure their long-term future.

"The workforce can be assured that Unite will fight feet and feet to save our factory, we will not stop a stone to keep this factory open, and Unite works day and night to make sure all options are on the table stay."

Scottish union leader Richard Leonard said the news would be "devastating" to the workforce and their families, adding, "My thoughts are with them."

"Not only did the Michelin factory in Dundee provide hundreds of well-paid jobs, it also provided much-needed skills and training for a city that has suffered greatly from deindustrialization," he said.

"It is now crucial that the Scottish Government does its utmost to keep the factory open and secure jobs, including working closely with Michelin, the unions and the Dundee community to address the current situation clarified.

"Scottish Labor is ready to provide constructive support to help Michelin workers and keep the factory open."

Last month, the company said in a statement, "We work with staff, unions and the Michelin Group to address these market challenges.

"We will explore all options to maximize plant efficiency, which could include restructuring work processes and reducing staff numbers.

"Michelin Dundee continues to value the hard work and flexibility of its employees, and we will update them before year-end."

Unite said it had worked closely with European trade union partners and Michelin on cheap imports from Asia to Europe.

At the end of 2015, Michelin announced that it is investing more than £ 50 million in its Dundee plant.

The company then said that the production of new machinery for the production of tires would increase by almost a third.


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