Scout Winterthur thanks to home strength in the final against Schaffhausen

The defending handball champion, Pfadi Winterthur, is again in the playoff final of the handball team and meets the Kadetten Schaffhausen there.

Yahav Shamir, goalkeeper at Pfadi Winterthur, celebrates after a saved penalty. – Keystone


the essentials in brief

  • Scout Winterthur was able to prove itself against Wacker Thun in a home game.
  • Next Thursday they will play away in the final against the Kadetten Schaffhausen.

Scout Winterthur clearly won the fifth semi-final game against Wacker Thun 28:23. The home strength in the Winterthur hall played the decisive role in reaching the final.

As in the quarterfinals against St. Otmar St. Gallen, Pfadi won the series 3:2 – with three home wins each.

The guests from the Bernese Oberland were never in the lead throughout the game, but they kept the game balanced until the 11:11 in the 26th minute. After that, the scouts moved slowly at first, but then steadily further away.

Between the 46th and 56th minute they made the decision with six goals in a row from 21:18 to 27:18.

Scout Winterthur plays in Schaffhausen

The home team had to do without their French defender Rémy Leventoux after his red card last Sunday. Left-handers Giorgi Zchowrebadse and Cédrie Tynowski returned after injury breaks. They fitted in well with six and two goals respectively.

In the final next Thursday, however, Winterthur will no longer be able to rely on home strength. The qualification winner and top favorite Kadetten Schaffhausen will start at home.

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