SCT projects San Antonio-Monterrey fast train

THE HORIZON.- The authorities of Mexico and the United States contemplate Monterrey, Nuevo León, with San antonio, Texas, through a train Quick. And the first step to land this project, which has been “cherished” since 1994 when the FTA was signed, will be for the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) to carry out feasibility studies for which there is already an agreement, he said in an interview with El Horizonte, the Secretary of State Mobility, Hernán Villarreal.

According to experts, a train of this nature, if you have a sufficient budget, its construction may take a maximum of six years. In the case of the one you want for the route MonterreySan antonioAccording to state sources, it would start until the second triennium of the current state administration.

The cost of train Quick San antonioMonterrey It will depend on what the study finds, but it could be similar to the one projected in the US $ 2.7 billion tranche.

Regarding the transnational railway project, experts in economics and urban planning affirmed that a train rapid would leverage regional growth as it would make the corridor MonterreySan antonio is very attractive tourist and commercially since it would offer a fast transportation of people saving time of paperwork in the borders.

Villarreal affirmed that there is still no certainty as to whether the Federation or the State of Nuevo León will be fully in charge of the project or it would be between both, but what is a fact is that the SCT will carry out the studies and the train “will arrive in the city of Monterrey“.

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It is calculated that the distance between San antonio from Monterrey It is about 483 kilometers, equivalent to five hours by car.

“I was talking with the director of the Railway Agency (of SCT) and he told us that they are going to do the study, so we are going to wait for the study to see the characteristics of the project.

“It is a project that is in very good progress, but in the long term, it is not to be started this year or the following year, that is, it lacks maturity,” said Villarreal.


The president of the Monterrey Urban Planning Society AC Valentín Martínez stressed that upon consolidation of the project, Nuevo León would become a development pole of the country, as the flow of tourists and business people would grow.

To do this, he said, it will be necessary for the studies to establish well the infrastructure that is needed.

“In terms of urban planning, I do see it as important, especially from the point of view of border traffic, it can greatly streamline and greatly improve the movement of population and goods.

“It can speed up cargo traffic a lot as well and make human traffic much easier”, he pointed.

In addition, he stressed that it would help reduce emissions since a train modernized is less polluting than cars, buses and trucks.

“I see that the pollutant emissions from the carbon dioxide generated by cars and also from airplanes would be reduced and these are flights that generate pollution, the train if it is made electric, it might not generate pollution “, Martinez assured.

Meanwhile, the economist, Julio Cesar Arteaga, indicated that a train would help vent the borders that generally look saturated by the traffic of tourists and merchandise.

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“It could boost tourism, in principle, although it would also imply that people from Nuevo León could travel this way to San antonio.

Monterrey and San antonio They are already somewhat related, but that could promote together with this idea of ​​detonating the Colombia bridge across the highway, highway, all this would help to detonate the relationship between San antonio and Monterrey“, Arteaga stated.

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