Scudetto at Milan: the party in Piazza Garibaldi (and a thought for Vito)

Someone, given the decidedly not impossible distance to get to the “Mapei Stadium” in Reggio Emilia, preferred to enjoy the party in the front row (assuming they managed to find tickets). But also in Casalmaggiore, in Piazza Garibaldi, the party started: the Rossoneri cheering celebrated Milan’s 19th Scudetto, won by 2 points ahead of Inter after an exciting duel to the end.

Around 8 pm, waiting for the final whistle of Sassuolo-Milan despite the game being closed after half an hour of the first half with Milan ahead 3-0, the fans of the “devil” poured into the square and into the neighboring streets of Casalmaggiore (as well as of the other towns of Oglio Po) to celebrate a triumph expected by ten championships (after the nine of Juventus and that of Inter last season).

It was also Milan’s first Scudetto without Vito Scandariato, historic owner of the Bar Italia who died in 2013, who used to show off every victory of his favorite team in Italy as well as in Europe (we still remember the squid ink risotto after the 2003 success in the Champions League). We are sure that the thoughts of many fans also went to him.

GG (video Alessandro Osti)

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