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Home News SDF soon welcomed in vacant buildings in Paris, including the Town Hall

SDF soon welcomed in vacant buildings in Paris, including the Town Hall

Before the arrival of winter, the city hall of Paris presents a series of strong measures to shelter hundreds of the homeless. The mayor PS Anne Hidalgo announces in particular in the Sunday newspaper that homeless people will soon be housed in vacant buildings. "There is a shortage of nearly 3,000 emergency shelter spaces in the capital, and I am committed to having the city halfway, more than 800 have already been created in our buildings since February, 700 will be open. here in early 2019. The State is responsible for creating the other 1,500, "said Anne Hidalgo JDD.

3,000 people to host. These figures are based on the census conducted last February during the "Nuit de la solidarité", during which 3,035 people without accommodation solutions were counted in Paris. So to find a roof for these people to the street, the City of Paris intends to make available vacant housing. "We are mobilizing sites intended to accommodate real estate programs in a few years, while waiting for the start of the works, the vacant buildings can be used, and we will also provide municipal premises in operation to create a network from the end of November. eight new night stops, with a total capacity of 300 seats ", details the mayor of Paris. Local borough halls, former magistrates' courts – who have moved to the new courthouse in Paris – and associative halls will also house homeless people.

SDF hosted in the City Hall. In addition, a night stop "perennial" dedicated to women will be open late November within the City Hall of Paris, and will accommodate fifty women per night. During the day, a reception will be done in rooms on the ground floor, which usually serve as showrooms, to serve meals and to provide care. It was here that the mayor of Paris welcomed the Queen of England during her last state visit to France. "There is obviously a symbolic dimension," says Bertrand Greco, journalist at the JDD, interviewed Sunday on Europe 1. The idea is also to set an example to the state and companies.

State and companies solicited. As for the 1,500 remaining places to be found, Anne Hidalgo is appealing to the State, particularly with the opening of the old Val-de-Grâce hospital for the homeless, waiting for rehabilitation, but also for companies "which have vacant premises". "I raise a cry of alarm.As winter approaches, I call for a general mobilization.We must all roll up our sleeves," urges Anne Hidalgo.


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