Sea Watch, Viminale: "Turn back to Paris, it does not take economic migrants, even the French do not want illegal immigrants"


There France, as the Germany, said she was ready to welcome part of the 47 migrants aboard the Sea Watch, which on January 31 arrived in port a Catania after remaining 8 days stopped in front of the port of Syracuse. But now, let me know Interior Ministry, Paris he changed his mind and let the Interior Ministry that "will only take people who need protection and not economic migrants and added that he will support Italy to ask repatriations more effective in some African countries starting from Senegal". Now, we learn from the Interior Ministry, it is expected that Paris demonstrate the good will with the facts, collaborating to return as soon as possible dozens of irregular Senegalese who are in Italian territory ". "Also French they do not want illegal immigrants ", sources from the Interior Ministry say, adding that now the Interior Ministry asks for an agreement with Paris to promote the repatriation of the Senegalese.

The statements on the Sea Watch are grafted into the peak of diplomatic tension in the last hours with the return from Rome of the French ambassador. A return that the French government spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux, to the microphones of Europe 1 "It is not permanent, but it was important to give a signal". The decision came in the aftermath of the minister's protests Foreign French for the vicepremier's visit Luigi Di Maio to some representatives of the yellow waistcoats. A meeting that the vice premier M5s, talking to Gazzettino, claims. "My meeting how political leader of the M5S, with exponents of the yellow Gilet and with some candidates of the list Ric is fully legitimate – he explains -. And I claim the right to converse with other political forces representing the French people. I am Europeanist. And being in aEurope without boundaries, it means freedom also for i political relations not just for the movement of goods and people ". "Our relationship of friendship with the French people is not in question, "he adds.


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