After creating two new R & D departments and simultaneously commercial units running alongside them, and a new and controversial scientist taking over the cancer research reins, AstraZeneca kept coming back to the changes and exits.

Today, Bloomberg reports that Dr. Sean Bohen, CMO and EVP of global drug development, has left the door, following in the footsteps of Bahija Jallal, former head of biologics arm MedImmune. now CEO of Immunocore and Mark Mallon, Portfolio Strategy Leader.

The R & D and commercial changes announced last week were a response to these deviations. José Baselga, M.D., Ph.D., led his newly formed Department of Cancer. He had been chief physician at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, but was forced to pay reimbursement for biopharmaceuticals that were not properly disclosed.


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Dr. Mene Pangalos, who was previously responsible for the company's innovative drug and early development department, now runs a second, non-environmental department.

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Bohen is leaving the company as the youngest senior manager. The British pharmaceutical company confirmed to FierceBiotech that Bohen will leave the company, but will not leave until a successor is found. The former Genentech boss did not say where he would target next, but the company said it was crucial to the company's growth and that he would go "someday," though no direct successor was sought.

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This is a mixed time for AstraZeneca. His CEO Pascal Soriot also endlessly speculates on the outcome. Something that he denies, however, and a series of setbacks that have resulted over the years from some late failures.



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