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Seann Walsh claims he left long-term girlfriend Rebecca Humphries WEEKS before being caught kissing married dance partner Katya Jones

Said Walsh claims he left his girlfriend days before kissing Katya Jones.
The 32-year-old told mates that he had taken time with actress Rebecca Humphries two weeks ago.
Seann Walsh, 32, was caught in confidential snapshots last week when he had his professional partner Katya Jones smooched. He insists that the actress only came to the studios to cheer him on because she already had a reserved ticket.
A friend said, "Seann and Rebecca had a stormy relationship that was very beautiful.
"He says he called the days before her birthday – that's the night he and Katya kissed – and explains why he was not with Rebecca that night.
"It's also why he did not apologize more explicitly – as far as he's concerned, he was a single man at the time of the smooching.
Rex features Seann's girlfriend Rebecca Humphries publicly posted him on Twitter for the photos twitteredTwitter The actress posted this statement online Strict couple Katya Jones and Seann Walsh performed the Charleston this weekend BBC Two She apologized publicly for her behavior It takes Twopicture to be revealed by you Ant Phone screensaver is picture of his girlfriend when he meets Dec, her lips read Strictly Seann in 'flirty chat'. with Katya as a lip reader, all BUBLE's BATTLE Michael Buble covers "out of music" after son Krebs and will not go back there is Wally Streng onlooker mock Seann & Katya's "unsexy" costumes after kiss scandal severely tease Claudia Winkleman makes on- Air Gag over Seann and Katya smiles red hot Strictly's Seann gets on the dance floor with Katya for the first time since the scam scandal
"Yes, the timing was still not great – but he feels unnecessarily vilified."
When he enrolled in Strictly's BBC2 offshoot this week, the shaggy comedian apologized for the "injury" he had caused.
He added, "We had a few drinks and have a lot of regrets, and I very much regret it."
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BBC subtitles Sex Blooper while Seann Walsh and Katya Jones perform on Strictly Come Dancing


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