The giant Sears resurfaced in the south of Mexico City, when the remodeling work of its shop located in Galerías Coapa shopping center was completed, which had to close its doors after the earthquake of September 19, 2017.

The cutting of the ribbon was in charge of Pablo Elías, executive director of Sears, the directors of regional and national operations, Alfredo Galindo Araujo and Ángel Artaloitia Solana; Ulises García García, manager of the Coapa branch; Arturo Aguirre, credit director of Grupo Sanborns and Javier Ramírez, director of Human Resources at Sears.

The executives explained that the damages caused in the plaza after the earthquake caused the closure of the store, but the building remained intact, afterwards the corresponding study was made and Civil Protection validated it.

From the first minute of reopening, people of all ages came to the branch, some were looking for Christmas items, other clothes, rooms, perfumes and the youngest appliances.

In an interview
, Arturo Aguirre, credit director of Grupo Sanborns, commented that "with the Sears credit card the merchandise is cheaper because apart from the discounts there are up to 15 months without interest".

In this branch there will be 200 employees, they were smiling during the inauguration, they welcomed the customers and assisted them throughout their stay.

Ulises García García, manager of the store, commented that the departmental chain that operates within Grupo Sanborns and owned by Carlos Slim, expects to have "a solid future".

There are currently 94 Sears stores in the country, of which six were opened in 2018, two of them in Puebla, and by 2019 there is an important expansion plan.

Sears in Mexico is a solid company, with 100 percent Mexican capital that is not a subsidiary of the brand in the United States, only pays a royalty.



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