Season 6 of The Expanse: Unanswered Questions

The end of “The Expаnse”

While the plot of The Expanse’s sixth and (for now) final season is largely based on James SA Corey’s sixth novel, Ashes of Bаbylon, the episodes also contain hints at some important future characters. In books seven through nine, Admiral Winston Durate and his siblings Xan and Cara appear after a 30-year time skip.

That’s what fans of the show are wondering as they wait and see if Amazon Prime Video is interested in a sequel after the show was rescued by SyFy with Season 4 in the US. As there are three more books in the sci-fi series, there will be new adventures.

In an interview with online magazine Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Naren Shankar revealed that they are happy with the series’ conclusion. It’s about the looming war between Earth, Mars and the Belters at the beginning of The Expanse.

Season 6 is where the story comes to an end and is resolved. It essentially ends with a new political order for the solar system that resolves the situation we started with at the very beginning. Of course, the conclusion leaves some questions unanswered, since events in Laconia are causing the order of the solar system to shift. However, there is almost a 30 year gap between books six and seven. So in many ways it’s a natural conclusion. […] We even hid something in the credits if you look closely. At the end of the story, the ring creatures finally come to life!

The conclusion of the series was an exciting ride. Each character should have a specific moment, according to Shankar, and it should feel like “any one of those people could get lost at any moment”. The fate of Nаomi and Filip was particularly hard hit.

Naomi, Filip and Marco

Filip is not on the ship because his mother Nаomi is about to explode, as the novel clearly states. That’s how it ended for her on the show, but there’s a heartbreaking scene where Nаomi makes “the most terrifying decision a mother can make — to send her child to their deaths,” marking a significant change from the novel. However, Filip’s plans after escaping are not revealed in the novels.

This means that Marco’s son can now choose his own path in the series universe. “The terrible things he did can’t be undone at this point,” showrunner Shankar said, “but maybe he can redeem himself for what he did.”

Carа, Xаn and Durte

The story of Car and Xan is mentioned elsewhere and will play a big part in later books. In the short story “Strange Dogs”, their backstory is only revealed later. Again, Shankar deviated from the template to look to the future.

As a result, some of the “unanswered questions from the end of Season 5” should be addressed. They would not have inferred from the final scenes of the children running into the forest that the two were “destined to be altered by the protomolecule” if that alteration had not occurred.

Durte also took a look at the orbital platforms that had been activated to help him build the battleships he needed. “This is uncanny and proves that the protomolecule exists […].” “It feels like there’s more out there, like there are three more books,” explains Shankar.

In the following volumes of the novels, Duаrte assumes the role of High Consul of Laconia, which he holds to the end. Shankаr, the showrunner, doesn’t want to let anything go in the series finale of The Expаnse. This gives you a small foretaste of the future of Laconi.

Duárte showed up unexpectedly at Xan’s funeral and chatted with the girl after we introduced him. He explained why he came to this country and why he did what he did. This seemed like a fantastic way to introduce this character and explain what the Martians are up to. What drew you to this particular place? What did you think when you took such a chance? What is the purpose of this trip?

That’s what a sequel is about

So there are hints of a possible sequel, but Naren Shankar refused to say if there’s anything tangible yet. As a result, Alcon Television and Amazon will be responsible for the future of the franchise.

We tried to complete at least a large part of the story satisfactorily from a purely creative point of view. At the same time, we left thе doors open should thе desire for more persist. And I’m not breaking any rules by saying that Ty, Daniel and I, in our individual abilities, would love to do a sequel.

Amazon Prime Video has The Expаnse. Season 6 of the dramatic sci-fi series has ended for the time being, but a sequel is not out of the question. Until further information is available, the streaming service will continue to provide you with other exciting films and series.

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