Seat introduces electric scooter called eScooter


Seat has announced that it will launch a low-power e-scooter battery electric scooter next year.

Next November 19, automaker Seat, a Volkswagen Group company, will be presenting a fully electric scooter at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The Seat eScooter will be available in the coming year and continue the company's electrical strategy, the company said in a press release.

eScooter with scooter driver's license mobile

The eScooter will be assigned to the class of light motorcycles, ie equivalent to a cubic capacity of 125 cubic meters, and will therefore have to be driven with a Class A1 scooter license from the age of sixteen. Seat wants to sell the scooter not only to private customers, but also sharing services.

Seat is responsible in the Volkswagen Group for what is referred to as micro-mobility. It's about bridging short distances, like the famous last mile. So while VW is to go with distance-strong vehicles to the market, Seat focuses on the small electric vehicles.

Small electric vehicles: Minimo, eXS and eScooter

So far, the Spaniards have presented the concept car Seat Minimo, which is very similar to the Renault Twizy and rather represents a covered quad.

At the Smart City Expo 2018 Seat then had the kickscooter eXS in the luggage, which is now available as an electric scooter at the Seat dealer. The catch on the eXS is that he does not have the road legal and therefore only on closed land such as company premises may be driven. His street price has also moved down to around 500 euros. The eXS is built by Ninebot Segway, the world's largest kickscooter manufacturer.

Seat has also sought a partner for the upcoming eScooter and found it in the Spanish manufacturer Silence Urban Ecomobility, which has its headquarters in Barcelona. With the S01 Silence already offers an electric scooter for private customers. This is at 6,600 euros. It is quite possible that this will also be the price range for Seats eScooter.

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