Second beta of iOS 16 now available

Apple iOS 16

The second developer version of iOS 16 has now been rolled out. What’s new?

Apple has rolled out the second beta version of iOS 16. A list of new features has been added. Most notable is the fact that users can now do iCloud backups via 4G or 5G, which has to be done via WiFi in iOS 15 and older. Overall, this version could be a bit more stable, but it’s perfectly possible that some features in this beta will no longer work.

What’s new in beta 2?

First of all, there is the support for mobile data with iCloud backups. Apple makes it possible to do that in the new iOS version via a 4G or 5G network. The company does give a notification if you want to enable this feature because of course not everyone has a large data package, and even then.

There have also been some changes related to the lock screen in iOS. You can now more easily remove your personal lock screens in this second beta. In addition, Apple has added your location in the lock screen with the Earth in the background, a nice tweak.

In the Messages app, users with an older iOS version will receive a message when someone has edited a message. Those edits were initially not visible at all, Apple has now solved that, iOS sends a message with the new version of that message.

How can I install the second beta?

Can’t wait for the first public beta to come out this summer? Then you can get started today with iOS 16, iPadOS 16 or macOS 13. Here you can read how.

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